Image Processing

and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

2021 IPIS-News

December 2021

Sunkyu Kwon

Dohoon Kim

Yeongjoon Kim

New researchers have entered the IPIS lab. Welcome to lab.

2021 Projects

Young-hoon Lim

Recent Research Results

What is IPIS?

Image Processing and Intelligent Systems (IPIS) Laboratory at Chung-Ang University is leading research on image enhancement, restoration, super-resolution, computational photography, optical simulation, 3D image and video synthesis, video analysis and tracking. Related research results are applied to satellite images, HDTVs, UDTVs, digital cinema, smart phone cameras, intelligent surveillance systems, and smart vehicles.

Who can enter the IPIS?

Undergraduate junior and senior students who are majoring in electrical, electronic, computer, control, and multimedia engineering can be supported by undergraduate research internship. Graduate master (MS) and Ph.D students are fully supported with scholarship plus living expenses throughout the official registration period. IPIS also supports graduate students for traveling expenses for participating in major international conferences, and provides incentives for publishing international peer-reviewed journals. IPIS is proud of rejecting nationalism, gender discrimination, regionalism, and previous school relations.