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The "Image Processing and Intelligent Systems Laboratory" develops "How to estimate the direction of vehicle cameras using angles" and the technology was published in the October issue of IEEE TITS, the best academic journal in the field.

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Ph.D Student Heegwang Kim, Master Students Mingi Kim, Junghoon Sung, Yeongheon Mok, and Chanyeong Park won the President of Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute(ETRI) Award at the DNA+ Drone Challenge Contest organized by the Ministry of Science and ICT(MSIT). Congratulations!


Congrats graduation IPIS members


Congrats graduation IPIS memebers. We are going to miss you.


Yeongheon Mok

Jinsol Choi

Sangwoo Yun

Chanyeong Park

New researchers have entered the IPIS lab. Welcome to our lab.


IPIS members delivered flowers to Prof. Paik to celebrate Teacher's Day.


The "Image Processing and Intelligent Systems Research Institute" was selected as the Graduate School of Artificial Intelligence, giving it a chance to take a step closer to AI capacity building education.

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Congrats graduation IPIS memebers


"Image processing and Intelligent Systems Laboratory" uses artificial intelligence video processing technology to develop original technology that implements electronic terrain as a three-dimensional map from various sensor data such as visible images, thermal images, and lidar.

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