International Exhibition


FANG BINZHOU, "Intertwined", “This Projection Mapping Interactive Artwork displays experimental works produced in the course of ongoing research.Numerous trials and errors will produce valuable results.”, Image Processing and Intelligent systems Laboratory. (2021)


FANG BINZHOU, "Shape of light", THE 21th AIIF 2020(Advanced Imaging International Festival 2020) - AI^2(Advanced Imaging & Artificial Intelligence), Chung-Ang University Artcenter, Seoul Republic of Korea.(2020/11/11)

FANG BINZHOU, HAN BOWEN, SONG SHILONG, "Elephant dream", Society of Art and Media International art exhibition 2020 - One Way, one Dream: Connecting minds through Art, YEOJU ART MUSEUM, Yeoju-si Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea. (2020/11/14~11.30)

FANG BINZHOU, "觀<관>", Cityscape 2020, CICA Museum, Gimpo-si Gyeonggi-do Republic of Korea (2020/01/03~01.19)


FANG BINZHOU, HAN BOWEN, SONG SHILONG, "Elephant dream", THE 24th GUANGZHOU AUTUMN INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR Artistic youth+ (Foreseeing the future), Canton Fair Complex, GuangZhou China.(2019/11/29~12.02)

※본 작품Elephant dream ‘예술청년상’ 수상

GAO XIAOYA, CHEN HONGZHEN<闽·厝>,(lacquer painting)The 8th Fine Arts and Design Exhibition of Hubei Universities.(2019)

GAO XIAOYA, MA XUFENG, CAO HANG, LIANG KAIYI, et al.<GIFT> "Wonderful World"International Student Public Welfare Media Art Exhibition,Film and Television Short Film Category, Third prize.(2019)


FANG BINZHOU, "Unbounded", PhilArtFestival 2018, Bastille Design Center, Paris France.(2018/10/17~20)

Younghoon Lim, “Inderstream: The Streaming Platform for Independent Short Film,” Art & Technology Exhibition, Art Center, Chung-Ang University, Seoul, Korea(2018/10/15~18)

Younghoon Lim, “Cinematic Photography: The Moment,” Invited Personal Exhibition, Space 776 gallery, Brooklyn, New York, USA(2018/8/9~15)


FANG BINZHOU, ZHU RAN, "Dominos", The 1st New media and art exhibition of China Korea International University, Qingdao University of Science and Technology Artcenter, Qingdao China.(2017/07/03)

※본 작품Dominos ‘3등상’ 수상


Seonah Mok, Jinbeum Jang, Mijin Jung, "The Road," The 1st Asia Media Art Festival, Artcenter, Korea.(2015/5/22~24)